The goal of the Prevention and Education Program is to help youth recognize, resist, and report sexual abuse, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. 

The "Three R's" of learning include:

  • Recognize inappropriate behavior and the signs that someone may be an abuser
  • Resist unwarranted attention and how to avoid potentially abusive relationships
  • Report abuse and learn how to identify trusted adults

The following programs are aimed at targeting school age children (Pre-K through High School) in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: classroom presentations, special interest group trainings, faith based groups, and youth camps or clubs.

My Body Is Mine (K-2) - The program consists of a 20-minute skit featuring Felix the Fox, a loveable fox who helps children identify the difference between good, bad, and confusing touches. Felix the Fox and his “teacher” use age appropriate language and examples to educate students and about their right to say “no” when they feel uncomfortable about any touch, empower them to communicate those boundaries, and identify their support systems when they need help.

Harassment 101 (Grades 5-7) - “Harassment 101” educates youth about the basics of harassment, with an emphasis on sexual harassment/ gender based harassment. Students will be able to recognize when boundaries have been crossed, identify ways to resist harassing behaviors, and report acts of harassment that are harmful to themselves or others. “Harassment 101” also incorporates messages of responsibility towards others and introduces the concept of “bystander intervention.”

Healthy Relationships (Grade 7-12) - The “Healthy Relationships” Program is a 1-2 session presentation that shares messages with young people about the components of a healthy and safe relationship, with an emphasis on gender equality, safety, and respect. Information from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is utilized to help the students recognize abusive and/or unhealthy dating relationships as well as identify resources for help.

Safe Dates (Grade 7-12) - An adolescent dating abuse prevention curriculum.  The program gives students the skills to develop healthy dating relationships, including positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution.  Safe Dates is part of the “Break the Cycle” campaign which focuses on empowering youth to end domestic violence.  We also are available to work with schools to help them establish “dating violence” policies and/or procedures.

Respect Works! (Middle/ High School Model) - This comprehensive, best-practices model includes everything from the implementation of a school-wide dating violence policy to teaching students how to be leaders in combating dating violence. Bay Area Women’s Center prevention staff will guide the school (district) through developing a policy addressing teen dating violence, assist and/or lead in the education of students (using Safe Dates curriculum, see above), act as a liaison between school officials and supporting agencies as they strive to reinforce the policy, and engage with student leadership groups that wish to address the issues of teen dating violence in their school/ community.


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